Jack Vincent

I managed to take a sip of coffee before 3:00p.m. today, so I’m feeling on top of things. Granted, I decided to go ahead and make it an iced coffee because yesterday I managed all of three sips before my cup’s contents turned tepid.

Baby Jack is now three weeks old, and it feels like so much life has happened in the 21+ days he’s been alive. We’ve learned more than we ever planned to know St. Thomas Midtown’s NICU, found out that scrubbing your arms for 2 minute intervals every time you enter said NICU will give you serious dried skin by the end of ten days, became really adept at changing diapers while avoiding monitor wires, and discovered all the ways to keep a sleepy baby awake long enough to take a bottle (knee tickles for the win!). Then we brought Jack home and began a new learning process of how to adapt our schedules, environment, and sleep patterns to meet his needs.

Jack is growing every day, with his preemie-sized onesies starting to look a bit like muscle shirts and his newborn clothes beginning to fit well instead of swallowing him like they did a few weeks ago. He’s gotten rid of his yellow coloring from the jaundice he had when he first arrived and is starting to stay awake more and more (especially from the hours of 12a.m. to 3a.m.). Zach and I are working to figure out the best ways for us to care for Jack and one another well. Each day sees all of us growing and adapting together to form the family of three each of us needs.

Sometimes I feel like I start to lose my mind a bit at 1:00 a.m. when Jack is working through gas pains and can’t seem to get comfortable long enough to afford any of us sleep. But then I pick him up out of his bassinet, walk to the rocker, and on a good night, as I fight sleep long enough for that sleep to take him fully, I look at his sweet face and remember that we’ve been blessed with six more weeks with him than we expected to have. We’ve already racked up 21 days of snuggles, baby sounds, adorable facial expressions, and sweet lovin’ that we were prepared to wait another 3 weeks to experience. So yes, the fussy nights and crazy sleep schedules (or lack thereof) sometimes leave us feeling a bit wrung out. But holding a baby in our arms that we thought wouldn’t enter the world until April? That’s a gift we’d never trade or take back.

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