Your Last Second Shopping Guide

Hello, all! I hope you’re well. We have ONE WEEK until Christmas, and I thought that some of you might be scrambling like I am to get those last minute gifts. When in doubt, Amazon is our friend. Thank goodness for two day shipping!! I’m going to be posting a more substantive post later this week about the true meaning of Christmas and what God has been teaching me this Advent season, but I figure if you’ve finished your shopping by the time that article comes out, you’ll be in a better state to grab a cup of hot cocoa, snuggle into your fuzzy Christmas blankets, and read away.

**This post contains Amazon affiliate links. This simply means that if you click on the links and buy the products listed here, I get a small commission. It does not change the price you pay, it just helps me pay for the costs of this blog!**

For the Family Member Who Needs Less Screentime – Digital Minimalism

This is one of the best books I read this year, which is pretty high praise coming from someone who struggles to make her way through non-fiction. Cal Newport is an engaging writer and explains what constant technology-based “connection” is doing to our brains in a way that is not preach-y. His recommended 30-day digital declutter is something I plan to implement to start off 2020, and I highly encourage you to buy this as a gift for yourself (or your whole family) if you’re ready to become more intentional about making each moment count.

For the Friend Who Needs a Night In – A Bath Pillow

I know I’ve recommended this pillow before, but that is just because it works so well! Zach got this for me last Christmas and I’ve now used it in two different homes and even the smallest of tub spaces can be made better with this pillow. It’s easy to keep clean and it keeps your back from the cold part of the tub that the water doesn’t reach, which is honestly my favorite part.

For the Only Coffee Lover in the Family – A V60

This is the coffee maker of choice for a quick single cup of coffee in our house, and with a price point under $25, it’s much cheaper than a Keurig (and will make a much better cup of coffee!). If your family has a single resident coffee snob (or if you have two but they wake up at different times), this is a great gift that will get them caffeinated with minimal effort. It also has the plus of giving you great coffee without the grittiness of a cup made with a French press. Honestly, I could talk about this all day…because I’m well caffeinated!

For the Friend That’s Always on the Go – Shoe Insoles

Here’s a secret…these are sitting under my Christmas tree. Okay, so it’s not really a secret – my husband opened the Amazon box thinking it was one of the gifts he ordered for me. Whoopsies. These were high on the list for insoles that work well for everyday use or cross training, and they’re very budget friendly. So if you know someone whose feet could use some extra love this Christmas, this is way easier than offering to rub their feet. Ick.

For the Clutz Getting an iPhone for Christmas – A Cute (But Protective) Case

I just bought this case last week and am really enjoying it. It’s not too hefty but it still feels sturdy, which is an important feature since I have a tendency to drop things…often. It also comes in a variety of colors and at a price point significantly lower than an Otterbox. If you’re sensing a theme here, welcome to my Christmas-on-a-budget life.

For that Artsy Friend – Colorful Pens!

I used these Paper Mate felt tip pens for Bullet Journaling (back when I was making that a habit), and I loved the finer tip and brightly colored options these gave me. For the most part, I didn’t get much bleed through even though these felt like using really precise markers. Also, from what I hear these would make a great gift for the teachers in your family as well!

For Yourself As a Reward for Finishing Your Christmas Shopping – Chocolate

This 24-pack of Ferrero Rocher is the perfect under-$10 way to cap off your holiday spending. This also tends to be a good option for Dirty Santa if you aren’t going the gag gift route, but who says you can’t gift yourself this beautiful array of hazelnutty goodness? At this point, you’ve earned it. There might even be a 48-count available if you’re really feeling the need for serious indulgence.

I hope this helps each of you wrap up one of the busiest times of the year with a bit less traffic and a lot more time spent in your comfy clothes. And be on the lookout for my (much less consumeristic) post in the next week! Until then, happy shopping!

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