The Good Kinds of Settling

We are slowly making our way out of all our boxes. This week, Zach and I were able to move into the parsonage where we’ll be living for the next several years, and I’ve never been more excited about picking which cabinet will house our – quite large – mug collection. If all goes according to plan (which we recognize is a big if), we’ll stay in this house for longer than we’ve stayed anywhere else in our marriage.

When you’ve lived in three houses in three years of marriage (plus several shorter-term stays with friends and family in between those moves), the idea of living in one place for an extended amount of time sounds so good. These are the good kinds of settling – settling down and settling in. The unpacking process has reminded me again about the life Zach and I have built and are building together. Knowing we don’t plan to put anything back in their cardboard boxes for several years has me crying tears of joy while wiping off the dust.

In this process, I’ve also been astounded by the generosity of our church and the willingness of even the youngest members to give where they can, even if it means lugging heavy furniture with us from the basement. It adds to the joy of putting down roots in this place, with these people. It’s one thing to settle in, quite another to do so in a place where we feel so much love not just from within our own home but from the people around us. I’m overwhelmed by the goodness of God to provide this place for us to call home.

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places,
Indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance…
Therefore my heart is glad
And my whole being rejoices
My body also rests securely.

Psalm 16:6; 9

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