Those Paths Keep A-Windin’

Update time!

I know it’s been ages since I’ve posted, but let me tell you, life has been hectic. Also I’ve been being a bit lazy if I’m being completely honest. Just throwing that out there.

Since my last post, Zach and I have once again relocated. When we came back from Cambridge and he started his degree at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, the plan was for us to move this fall to Scotland and spend the time it took for him to finish his PhD (about 2-3 more years) in the U.K. But once again, God’s plans were slightly different than our own.

The more Zach and I considered moving to Scotland, the more we looked at our bank accounts, and the longer it took me to figure out the timeline I’d need to complete my Master’s degree (internship placements are hard to find!), the less sense it made to move again in the fall, or even at the beginning of next year. After talking with his supervisor, Zach began considering what it might look like practically to finish his degree in Glasgow while living stateside. One of the major factors in this decision would be finding work for him that enabled him to make a living wage while still having the time needed to devote to a full-time PhD program.

Cue those opening doors, windows, drawbridges, all of it. When we began to consider this possibility, the pieces just instantly started falling into place. I’ll spare you all the details (but know they’re awesome) and jump to the conclusion of the story – Zach and I moved to Clayton, North Carolina, last week for him to begin ministry as an associate pastor at Tippett’s Chapel Free Will Baptist Church. I start my master’s level internship in the fall at not one, but two (TWO?!) paid placements with really wonderful Christian women. As an added bonus, we live less than 30 minutes from my Nana and her wonderful cooking!

So it’s another crazy bend in this winding path we’re on, but the Lord has been faithful in all the twists and turns before it, and we trust Him to continue cheering the path we currently tread. After all, He leads us all the way.

2 thoughts on “Those Paths Keep A-Windin’

  1. I am pleased to know GOD hos placed the rwo of you in the states. I know all your families are. Good luck and allow GOD to continue to direct your lives as you learn and grow for him.


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